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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About the podcast

What is the Adventures Less Traveled podcast?

The Adventures Less Traveled (ALT) podcast is an immersive video podcast that seeks to understand the courageous disposition of those who trade comfort for risk and daringly venture into the unknown in order to better grasp the world around them. There is no single definition of adventure. It is characterized by the experiences that shape each person’s unique perspective, and the ALT podcast seeks to connect these dots through conversation.

Where can I watch or listen to the podcast?

You can listen on this site in the Episodes tab. Additionally, the podcast is available on YouTube and all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

When are episodes released?

Generally, episodes are released on a bi-weekly basis, typically on Tuesdays. However, there are certain exceptions based on the specific episode; sometimes there are two-part episodes that are released in the same week. At other times, episodes may be released on specific dates in honor of the guest (9/11, 4th of July, anniversary of a guests adventure, etc.). If you subscribe to the newsletter, I will be sure to provide updates on the release date of the upcoming episode.

Can I suggest guests to be featured on the podcast?

Yes absolutely! I am also looking for new and exciting people to speak with and learn from, and am actively building out a pipeline for future episodes. Feel free to email your suggestion in the Contact tab above.

Can I suggest topics / ideas to be talked about?

Of course! Feel free to provide feedback using the Contact tab of this website. I also have a Google Form specifically for feedback if you have any suggestions for improvement. Connect through the podcast's social media as well to interact (Instagram, Twitter, or sign up for the newsletter).

What areas of research interest you?

I am interested in both applied and theoretical areas of statistics, namely Functional Data Analysis (FDA), high-dimensional statistics, quantile-based methods, and spatial statistics. I currently utilize many machine learning techniques in my current role in the financial sector on pricing models and customer segmentation. 

Is Schwenck Live related to Adventures Less Traveled?

Schwenck Live Productions LLC is the owner of all Adventures Less Traveled content. The Schwenck Live YouTube channel is my other content hub that publishes all content not related to adventure - ideally thought-provoking, and hopefully educational, content about finance / economics, statistics, book reviews, technology, and beyond. This channel is still in its infancy, so please bear with me while I first get the foundation for Adventures Less Traveled built. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to contact me.

About the host

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