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More than a podcast, less than a documentary-series

The Adventures Less Traveled podcast is a unique video-style immersive channel that gives you, the viewer, a first-hand look at what adventure looks like through the eyes of a diverse set of high-caliber individuals. Some adventures are particularly niche that many people are unaware of - this is where the added video element brings to life what were previously thought to be obscure hobbies.

For the full experience, follow the YouTube channel to watch the interviews in their fullest form. Audio-only equivalents are also available wherever you get your podcasts (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc.). If you like what you see (or hear), join the email list for exclusive content "beyond the screen" - recaps, feedback forms, guest suggestions, subscriber Q&A, gear reviews, and even technical tips on podcast production.

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What exactly is adventure?

Adventure does not seem to have a universal definition. There are generally accepted characteristics that accompany it - adversity, resilience, fortitude - but it takes on many shapes and forms. Different people view adventure differently, and each individual brings a fresh perspective of what it means to overcome adversity and have the mental fortitude to accomplish any seemingly insurmountable feat. The Adventures Less Traveled podcast seeks to connect these dots through conversation. 

On April 15th, 2019 I embarked on a 5,775 mile cycling trip across North America over the course of 95 days through the most torturous weather conditions imaginable. I rode through blizzards, hail storms, tornados, sand storms, mud slides, and had to endure incessant torrential downpour the entire way. Not to mention the 15+ species of wildlife that I had to fend off. I thought I had seen it all.

Upon my return, I soon had friends reaching out to share other hair-raising adventures they came across that were equally daunting, but completely different than my own. The more I learned about these individuals, the more I curious I became about what all is possible. Thus, the Adventures Less Traveled podcast was born.

Types of Adventurers


Those who undertake an adventure with a pre-determined start and end point.

i.e. Cycling around the world, etc.


Those whose career forces them into adventure for their own scientific advancement.

i.e. polar explorers, ice core scientists, etc.


Those whose career revolves around adventure. These are typically, but not always, high caliber "extreme athletes".

i.e. ice climbers, cave divers, etc.


Those who are no longer with us whose adventures have transcended generations and still inspire us today.

i.e. Shackleton, Theodore Roosevelt, etc.

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